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Baby It's Cold Outside

Posted by Fitterfirst on 11/30/2015 to Blog

4 creative ways to stay active in the office when the weather starts to turn

Yes, the first snowfall is a wonderful thing but how do you stay active in the office when Old Man Winter is here to stay?  When winter cycling and coffee runs in minus 20 just aren’t appealing, you might warm up to these alternatives.

1. Get Fresh
Instead of running for the coffee pot, why not stock your work fridge with some fresh ingredients? Knowing you have seasonal fruit or veggies from the market, or a healthy snack bar stashed for an afternoon treat should entice you to get up and take a break.

2. Copy that!
It’s the little things that count so consider sending all your printed material to the printer on other side of the office. Several small trips a day can add up during the week.

3. Sweaty small talk
Meeting your clients for drinks and dinner is standard practice but next time suggest you hit an indoor work out together instead. Getting your heart rate up for an hour is a fun way to build relationships and hash out details in a less formal setting.  If the client hesitates, just tell them everyone in New York is doing it.

4. Walk it off
Work from home? Up the ante by taking phone calls on the treadmill or stationary bike and watch a 20-minute phone conversation equate to a kilometer, or two. 

For more creative ways on staying healthy and active in the office during the coldest months of the year search out our full line of active office products.
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