Bongo Board
Bongo Board
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Bongo Board

The Highest Challenge. The Highest Risk. The Highest Reward. Do You Bongo?
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The Fitterfirst Bongo Board is an exciting extreme balance-training tool. The unique double ball bearing and tapered design of the roller allows for not only end-to-end movement, but also allows for heel-to-toe rocking and rotation for increased difficulty. The FUNctional Bongo Balance Board will:

• Enhance core strength and stability
• Improve Balance and proprioception
• Increase coordination and responsiveness
• Heighten sense of body awareness
• Improve sports performance

The Bongo Board is a maple plywood skateboard deck with a polypropylene undercarriage. It has a urethane roller with a polypropylene centre and a rubber nylon bungee cord for safety and ease of transport. A moderate to high level of fitness is recommended for using the Bongo Board.

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