Extreme Balance Board


Extreme Balance Board

This ultra challenging board taxes your balance on several planes.

The Extreme Balance Board effectively trains balance, proprioception, stability, coordination, ankle and knee strength, and core power. The board also stretches and strengthens the ligaments and tendons in the legs. The Board moves forward and back, side to side, and at all angles. To make the board more difficult, the wooden dowels may be removed from the fulcrum, creating more movement from front to back. For even more difficulty, the polyurethane rings may also be removed. The adjustability and range of movement separate this product from the rest of our balance board line. The boards are handmade, and provide a good starting point for athletes and individuals wishing to progress beyond the wobble board. Board is made of durable birch, and has a non slip top.

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  Extreme Balance Board 10"x30" Board. (EXTRBB) USD $179.95