Airex Coronella Mat


Airex Coronella Mat

The #1 mat used by therapists worldwide!

Always warm and comfortable to touch, Airex Mats provide a quality foundation for any exercise or rehabilitation routine. Hard wearing and long lasting with no memory effect, Airex mats offer maximum comfort for exercise, yoga, Pilates or rehabilitation applications. Designed for a lifetime of dynamic use!

Airex Coronella Mat is easy to use and flexible, pleasant, safe, durable and versatile. This mat is recommended to use in all environments.

  Product   Price Qty
  Airex Coronella Mat Blue. 24"x74"x0.6". (MATCNLB) USD $149.95
  Airex Coronella Mat Green. 24"x74"x0.6". (MATCNLG) USD $149.95
  Airex Coronella Mat Red. 24"x74"x0.6". (MATCNLR) USD $149.95