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On The Road Again: Toronto

Posted by Fitterfirst on 12/1/2015 to Blog

Toronto is home to the Blue Jays, the CN Tower and one of the country’s most interesting conferences that’s happening December 2nd and 3rd.

The Fitterfirst team is always on the road and this month the Fitterfirst team is attending the IIDEX Canada Conference in Toronto: Canada’s largest city (not to mention one of the biggest in North America) that’s also home to 1600 public parks, 600 km of biking and walking trails, 676 sports fields and 39 centers that offer free recreational activities to its citizen.

With 30,000 people in attendance and 16,000 exhibitors, the IIDEX Canada Conference is a premiere national Design + Architecture Exposition that serves as a gathering for professionals who want to learn more about the best products, technology and ideas on how to enhance personal and public spaces.

This annual event draws guests from the industries of design, architecture, property management, construction, real estate, government and media, and we’re excited to hear the latest inspirations from other attendees, while sharing their own insight on the company’s flagship products – like the VARIDESK line that has been revolutionizing the way people sit, stand and move in the office.

If you’re currently looking for creative ways to create your own Active Office visit the Fitterfirst page for ideas on enhancing your workspace.
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