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Special Olympics Calgary Gets An Active Office Makeover

Posted by Fitterfirst on 12/7/2015 to Blog

Fitterfirst has been in business for 30 amazing years, selling products that promote stability, mobility and agility everyday – especially in the office. 


To celebrate three decades of promoting health and well being in Canada, the team decided to gift a local charity with an active office makeover, in this case the Special Olympics Calgary team that has also been around for 30 years.

As a non-profit organization the SOC team works hard to provide support to special athletes by fulfilling their potential in the arenas of sports, recreation and special events.

Here’s what the SOC team had to say about their office and the Active Office Makeover:

The office before
We have a small office, with three full time employees. A normal day consists of us working at our computers and answering phones as we plan for our programs and arrange tournaments, special events and fundraisers. Since our norm is to be at our desks, a big thing we notice is the lack of movement we do on a daily basis. We also notice some cramping and soreness in our necks and backs from hunching over our computers all day. 

The big surprise
When we were notified by one of our coaches that she had nominated us for the Fitterfirst Active Office makeover, we were quite ecstatic for the chance to have office equipment that would assist our work and health. We do a lot of paperwork and have volunteers come in to help, so the thought of something that could benefit us all, was something to look forward to. We focus all of our energy into our athletes and making sure that programs run smoothly for them, so it is nice that we can take care of ourselves in the office so we can continue doing so. 

Flexibility at work
We’re loving our new VARIDESK’s! The flexibility to effortlessly move from standing to sitting while we’re working is something our legs, body and mind will be thankful for. We are also excited to provide some of our volunteers and programs with new equipment as well. We are very appreciative to Fitterfirst for this makeover, and thankful to our volunteers Kelly & Adam for the nomination. 

For more photos of the Active Office Makeover visit the Fitterfirst Facebook page.
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