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The 365 Fitness Challenge

Posted by Fitterfirst on 3/14/2016 to Blog

Keep your fitness resolutions going strong all year
Every January many of us set our sights on becoming fitter, healthier versions of ourselves with resolutions to take us through to the next 12 months. However, it’s easy to let those goals and ambitions slide. Here are three steps you can take to stay committed to making this a Fitter Year. 

Revisit your action plan
Are your 2016 goals are already looking a little lackluster? It’s time to put you on a path for success. If your Fitter Year means standing vs. sitting at your desk to lose weight, or boost your energy levels, ensure you have the right gear to make this goal realistic. If family fitness is the goal, find an activity the whole family will be excited about participating in. 

Kick-start with good company
Further to our last point, creating a support system will give you greater accountability. When you feel the excuses coming on or see your motivation slipping, reach out to your group or fitness partner to help keep you on track. Stay inspired by sharing your progress on a regular basis and set small goals for each month.

Post those goals
Post your goal, or goals, beside your monitor or calendar at work. Seeing this daily will help ensure those healthy habits are on your radar. Of course, don’t forget to reward yourself for meeting your milestones. Treat your family to some new equipment and toys to stay active at home this season, or splurge on one of our Fitterfirst fitness boards to keep you excited about standing at your desk.

Good luck goal setting. Follow our blog for more tips and ideas on staying fit in 2016.
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