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The Preventative Advantage

Posted by Fitterfirst on 11/16/2015 to Blog

The Preventative Advantage

The crowd grows silent and your muscles tense up in excitement for what happens next. With one nod from the man in all black, the games are about to begin and it’s every man for himself.

Does this sound like a scene from The Hunger Games? You’re not far off: welcome to Black Friday!

If you love a good deal, chances are that you’ve already circled November 27th on the calendar with red marker. Now let’s talk about several precautionary steps you should take during your bargain shopping blitz. Here’s how to ensure you leave Black Friday injury free:

Make Friends
Crowd mentality can be a crazy thing and that’s why it’s advisable to make friends with the sales staff ahead of time. Find out from your new best friend where all the sales items have been strategically placed.


You have to be on your toes and this might involve running, jumping or dodging an elbow. Warm up with a proper stretch while you’re waiting in line. This will make you seem intimidating. Plus, nobody wants to tell the story of how they pulled a hamstring at Black Friday.

Wear smart footwear
Ladies, nothing says: ‘rolled ankle’ faster than high heels in a human stampede. Be smart and wear proper shoes.

Don’t go alone
Think safety in numbers. The only thing that’s more intimidating than one person stretching in a line-up is a group of people stretching in a line-up. 

Shop Online
This is your most practical option. To avoid all risk of injury, simply order your sale items from the safety of your VARIDESK. This is precisely why Cyber Monday was invented.

Happy Shopping! 
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