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This Is How You Make 2016 Your Fittest Year Yet

Posted by Fitterfirst on 1/11/2016 to Blog

Realistic resolutions that you’ll keep all year long.  

It’s time to wave goodbye to your bad habits and say hello to a healthier you. Whatever your fit resolutions are for this upcoming year, make sure to consider these 3 essential pieces of advice:

Get moving on your own terms
The word “exercise” doesn’t excite everyone and that’s why you have to find a way to get motivated with solutions that work for your lifestyle and routine. Not everyone is a marathon runner, nor do they want to be, so adjust those goals accordingly.

Adding a 30-minute walk to work both ways, riding the stationary bike at the gym or swimming lanes at the public pool are just a few alternative ways to get in shape.

Make sure to s-t-r-e-t-c-h
Prevention is the name of the game when it comes to being active. A regular warm-up at the start of your workout will help you avoid straining muscles and joints, or aggravate previous injuries.  The Fitterfirst catalogue has a wealth of resources, when it comes to stretching accessories. 

Find your Zen
Long hours at the office, stress and poor sleep habits make it easy to opt for the couch and junk food after work, but don’t underestimate the positive effects of a sweat session or a yoga class. A quick class will boost your energy, along with your endorphins and serve as a better stress relief than whatever your had planned to watch on Netflix.

So, put down that remote and get moving!

For more ideas on adding stability, mobility and agility to your life to this year. Visit the Fitter website and start making those resolutions.
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