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Balance of Power

Posted by Administrator on 8/31/2006 to Press
With exercise, older adults can reduce the risk of falling injuries. Most adults figure they've acquired everything they need to know about balance by the time they've started running between the furniture on toddler's legs. The coordination lesson, however, doesn't end with winning a round of hopscotch. Balance becomes a whole new challenge as people age and when the simple act of standing becomes an issue. But some forms of exercise could help prevent injuries resulting from a loss of balance. By: KAREN SHADE World Scene Writer Tulsa World

Fitness Balls - Keeping the world better balance since 1985!

Posted by Administrator on 8/1/2006 to Press
Fitterfirst has been leading the world to better balance since 1985; however it's only in the last 10 years that fitness balls have gained popularity within the fitness industry. By: Matthew Ray, BKin.
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