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Fitter on the Frontlines: Calgary Reads weighs in on their VARIDESK

Posted by Fitterfirst on 9/21/2015 to Blog

We’ll be the first to admit it. The Fitterfirst team is well sold on the merits of the VARIDESK, which is why we’re curious to hear what the community has to say. We were honoured to donate a sit-stand desk topper unit to Calgary Reads’ Director of Development, Cecilia de la Rocha, earlier this year, and we thought we’d check in.

Our Top 5 Tips For Healthy Aging

Posted by Fitterfirst on 9/14/2015 to Blog

September is National Healthy Aging Month, making it a great time to think about what you’re doing to ensure you maximize every minute of the long and lively years that lie ahead.

Vestibular Awareness Week – September 14-20, 2015!

Posted by Fitterfirst on 9/10/2015 to Blog
Have you ever experienced a dizzy spell, ringing in your ears or feelings of vertigo? If so, you know how unpleasant these feelings can be, and how frustrating and disorienting it would be for those whose symptoms never subside.
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